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Is it possible to create specific forum setup where instead of topic titles but have an array of youtube thumbnails that lead to topic form discussions. like a thread without the thread list titles but thumbnail views like the this image of how youtube displays your videos.

screenshot (3).jpeg

I own and operate a sports forum message board and host plenty pod influencers and to be able to separate all of them by either one grid like this or separate individual forums to host all their media would be helpful.

any ideas welcome,

and thank you


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It may sound a bit weird... but you could adapt these not-meant-for solutions: :)

1) Think about using classifieds add-ons because that "preview picture" is a similar demand for them. One lightweight solution (we use) without any other classifieds transaction functions, but just grabbing the first attached picture of a thread and showing the preview in the forum view is: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/classified-forums.7548/ by @AndyB -> Having the preview pic in the forum view, it is "just" a styling task to build a more "tile view style" (which can be css'd by injecting additional code into the add-on's style code: example of implementation).

2) XenPorta offers a way to propagate lists of thread content in a different way of view, but it maybe needs manual actions to register and add preview pics to all related threads as XenPorta articles (or you choose to display all threads of specific sub forums by default).
You are able to configure it in a way it only acts as an overview/start page showing registered "articles", but keeping the (linked) threads in their native forum layout.
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