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I don't understand why there is a thread / post count showing zero in my category sections. These categories are filled with pages and content. There are no forums in these categories so I am not sure why this count is even showing at all. This makes it look like the categories are empty when they have a load of content.

I am attaching a screenshot. Again, these are categories.

Please help


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Steve F

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Sounds like an issue with your style. You would need to contact the style author for support though.

Post by Brogan below explains it, I was thinking it was a page.


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For categories which are not in the root node, the counts appear.

You should be able to hide/remove them by targeting the category specific CSS (categoryForumNodeInfo) and using display:none.


Thank you for the replies. Can I add the code to Extra.css? I usually have my developer do stuff like this but I am in a pinch and was hoping it was a simple fix.

Thanks again!