Lack of interest Discussions Per Page, Per Node, Admin Set

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Would like an option to set the amount of discussions per page, per node, in the admincp.

I know it's a global value now, but would like to adjust for specific nodes.

Example reasoning:

We have global set to 20 per page.

We have a node where only staff can create discussions. One per US state, and some international countries.

This gives us ~90 discussions that are ongoing.

We sort this alphabetically.

If we could set this node to 100 discussions per page...

You jump in, you scan the titles, find your state/country, click, and your zooming.

Currently you have to click page numbers hoping you hit the right one, adding extra clicks. If you miss, it's forward / back again. Then scan that page for your state/country, then click. Extra time.

I think it should be core, but if not, a handy add on would be nice.
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