XF 2.2 Discussions per page not working, only showing a few threads

I'm not sure if anyone is familiar with this, but I have my "discussions per page" set to 25. For some reason, it will only show a few threads on the first page of a certain node. Sometimes it will only show 2 normal threads, sometimes 10, sometimes 12, but never the full 25. Any ideas?
Thank you. I'm not ignoring anyone and I don't believe anyone that has messaged me about the issue are either. I'm not sure which Addon would be causing this either but I'll see if I can narrow it down somehow.
Disable all add-ons and check again.

Reenable one at a time until the problem reoccurs.
I noticed that mine was only loading down to a certain thread. I tried deleting that thread and now they all show. Any idea why this could be? That thread did have a ton of images in it, so it could be a loading speed thing?
I just wanted to revisit this and see if anyone has any other ideas.

I’ve tried turning off every addon. I have a 2nd account and I’ve made this account the exact same as mine - all the same user groups, all the same settings etc. I can see all threads when logged in as this account, and only four on mine. I’m at a loss here.
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