Discouraging "Thank You" and "Atta Boy" posts

Do you agree/disagree, like/dislike this policy of mine:
<user>, thank you for all you contribute to our forum. I am reaching out to several of our more prolific posters individually to make a suggestion: Consider, instead of posting something like this:

<link to forum post they wrote that says, "Thank you, that's very good to know." and nothing else>

to simply Like the post instead. Our forum is an ever-busier place - some people use the New Posts feature and I think it's better for those people not to have to see quite so many, "Thank you, that's great" postings, particularly when the Like feature of the forum will accomplish much the same thing.

Thank you, and my best wishes to you and yours for a happy and healthy holiday season.
I am not interested in just boosting my post count but prefer to keep the content density high.

Anthony Parsons

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Over the past 15 odd years I've managed forums... the more control you attempt to exercise over users, the worse it gets for your overall posting statistics.

It is best to let users have their say, how they want, when they want, and not limit their opinion however they feel comfortable sharing it. Obviously trolling / spam steps over the line... but how people use the www nowadays has changed, and forum replies will reflect it.

Anthony Parsons

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Telling members to like instead of saying thank you, if that the thank you is "their" idea and "their" way of doing something... then that will eventuate to "worse" for you in the long run due to exercising control.
I hear you, but...

Our board averages ~150 posts/day and I had a couple users, both relatively new, who were getting above 30 posts/day individually. I haven't yet put a rule in place, just PM'ed them and made a suggestion. They are valued members of our community and I told them that, too.

I think we will have to agree to disagree about the value, positive or negative, of exercising control. On our board, it's an accepted thing that I moderate actively; I have heard from more than a few users about how I do this: one or two don't like it while lots have thanked me for my efforts.

Different strokes for different boards. :). I appreciate the conversation. Thanks.


Mr Lucky

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Do you agree/disagree, like/dislike this policy of mine:

I am not interested in just boosting my post count but prefer to keep the content density high.
Good policy IMO, but I agree it was Ros because a with the post ratings addon so you have more possibilities than just likes

But I would do it in a thread about forum policy, not via individual PMs