another thank you, former vBulletin user


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A special thank you to xenForo. I have a 15 year old vBulletin 3 -> 4, and eventually version 5 forum. The version 5 software is atrocious, but I had to upgrade because of PHP upgrades. I could not believe how slow and bloated it was. I put XenForo on my short list but didn't upgrade yet.

I got an email a few days ago from vBulletin to upgrade the software, but I neglected to do so, and a few days later (this afternoon) I got an email from my forums requesting a password reset, and then a minute later, a notice my admin password was reset. I took the forum down within a minute of getting that email, and I couldn't detect any damage, thankfully. I don't blame vBulletin as they did tell me to upgrade.

I did the compatibility checker for XenForo, seemed to work fine, so I purchased a license, downloaded it, and ran the importer. I have to say the importation process was pretty flawless. Now that XenForo is up and running, I can say I'm very happy. Performance is night and day difference. I'm not joking when it would take 5-7 seconds to load a page with vBulletin, now it takes just a second, even with a board that had 15 years of history with thousands of posts, (admittedly low volume, but an old board). Also, kudos to XenForo for taking Apple Pay, appreciate that!

Thanks again!

Brad Padgett

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Happy Xenforo has worked out so well for you. Everyone is a lot like family here helping eachother out among many very talented developers. Glad it's going so good.