Add-on Discord chat text integration

The Official API for Discord has been released and I wondered if anyone is working on (interested in working on) integrating the general chat tab (similar to Taiga chat) into Xenforo.
I looked through the API and saw zero information about chat integration. I don't believe it's possible.
Haven't personally used Discord so not familiar with their setup but wouldn't the Channel's API be relevant for this? Looks like you can pull a channel ID, using this there are messaging APIs available: Create message, trigger typing indicator etc

Unless this is for another feature and not the 'general chat tab'?


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From my fast googling, I believe this is only related to Bot API, so only for stuff connected to the server(discord). So technically you could build something that relays chat to discord, but I don't think it'd go the other way. And everything would be under whatever the bot's name would be.