Discord app widget integration

I am looking at the Discord app for a voice/text chat feature, and was wondering if it is possible to integrate it into Xenforo.

We're using Taigachat Pro right now for chat, but this would enable separate rooms and voice chat.

It's a fairly new app ( at discordapp.com ).

thanks for any advice/addon ideas.
I am in the process of developing an addon for XenForo for syncing user groups in XenForo with roles on a Discord server, and I'm currently looking for beta testers (send me a PM if you're interested). Would also be interesting to hear what @Jeremy has made, as it sounds like we are making more or less the same thing.


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Right now, it is user group association with roles. You assign a user group to a role and it determines what roles a user should have and gives it to them on Discord. You can also search based on member ID.

This will, obviously, expand in the future.