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Digital Doctor

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+ 1 Yes !
Pages need to be Independent of the Forums !
I've requested this all over the Pages thread.

They also need a WYSIWYG editor.

They also need to be editable from OUTSIDE the adminCP !

Pages should have a choice of being a part of the Forum Structure ... orINDEPENDENT of the forum structure.
So far people want alot of documents INDEPENDENT of the forum structure and much fewer people want Pages as a part of the forum stucture.
Or mini, one-page applications now that they have the PHP callback facility.
Kier likens Pages with PHP callbacks as mini one-page applications. That makes it *EVEN WORSE* - such amazing functionality is buried in the forums.

If a new "Page" is created or updated does it show up in the "What's new" ?
Pages definitely need the ability to be replied to.
Then use XF Pages to be in forum structure and Wordpress Pages for independents.
Yep, that's what I am going to do - Wordpress
But the concept of Pages is too excellent to not expand it.
Countless xenforo users will benefit from forum-independent pages.
Pages are great, but not that good, in their current form.
Xenforo is just a forum so far, I have learned over time that the Pages are more of a prototype ( doesn't use) and that the Home Tab wasn't a real tab (I think it is now).

Your best bet is getting Jaxel to make a XenPageso addon.

pages (with tabbed menu)
Do you mean the Pages would have their own Tab ?

your title is misleading.
you might want to edit it to: Make Pages independent of the Forum.

Cory, I think I am wanting something similar to what you want.

Can you give me the exact details of what you want ?
PM with site examples, screengrabs if you need to.

I think you can easily make your own Tab. Then shouldn't it be easy just to make some HTML pages ?

Cory Booth

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Wow! This is great....
I am glad to see all the enthusiasm in this product....
So I run a boating website. I have a variety of static content, like reference pages, weather radar, etc....
In VB I was using the Pages function of vbAdvamced, but then move to making Static Articles in the VB4 CMS....
Now I using the Pages feature of xF, but it looks kinda funny to have the pages categorized in the forum structure.
What I am looking for is a Tabbed menu items called "REFERENCES"
Then four Sub-Menu items called: Boating, Maps, Weather, Tools
Then each of the Sub-Menus would have a drop-down to take you to specific pages.
Like this
Boating | Maps <- SubTab
>Flags >Fishing Spots
>Knots >Boat Traffic
My VB site is
My xF site is (for now)
An example of one of my xF Pages is:
You can see similar using VB here:
I am reading up on Jaxel's post about Creating Pages in the Developer's forum.
But I am still trying to grasp the concepts of MVC so this whole "create a controlller" is making my head spin.