Disabling Profile posts should remove the Profile Posts tab

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For those that wish to disable profile posting, ideally the tab on their profile should be removed as well.
The suggestion is to incorporate the functionality of this addon into the core.

The tab "Profile Posts" on the member page remains visible even after fully disabling profile posts.

This solves it.
Here is how to remove the tab and clean-up the profile page.
Check this out...
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Blindly removing the tab implies that there were never any profile posts to begin with, leaving the tab allows any previous posts to still be viewed.
Well, if you can't view them there wouldn't be anything to show, but it would require moving the information tab to be the next in line.
allows any previous posts to still be viewed.

Not if you fully disable the profile post feature (view permissions can be revoked). And when doing so, the member page looks pretty bare now.

Like the "new posts" page, the tab should be removed. Or alternately, place it at the end. That would avoid an empty member page as well.
I have done a little work on this, I’m no developer. So if anyone would like to take over this or come with ideas of how it can be done better, please do. This is almost like the addon referred to in the first post, but that one removes a lot more under the user profile.
The first thing to do is change permissions, set them to the following or just no:
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This doesn't take of everything, unfortunately. You should now be able to remove profile post related bits from a handful of places by installing attached addon. You have to change the extension from .txt to .xml
It only works on XF 1.4 as far as I know.

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