XF 1.2 Disabling email notifications for test/dev board

After searching a bit I didn't see an obvious answer to this question so asking here.

I have a dev/test board that I use to stage changes before rolling into production. I basically automate the duplication of the production environment including the entire database. I'd like to be able to disable email notification as part of that duplication, I'm expecting using some SQL on the database after importing. That's no problem, but I want to make sure I do this the easiest and least-heavy-handed way possible.

I saw the "enable notices system" option in the performance options group - will disabling that turn off email notifications as well, or should I go with my backup plan to basically update the "emailTransport" option in the database as part of the automated duplication? My "Plan C" is to wipe out all of the email addresses for non-admin users, but that's not my preference - as sometimes I have non-admin users log in and their email addresses being wiped out means they can't use that for authentication...