XF 1.1 Disable zooming?

Neil E.

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I'm back. Other projects (industrial automation) keep pulling me away from XF learning.

I'm looking at browser zooming and see there is considerable variation on zooming. I noticed that "zoom text only" is default for some browsers. Is there any way to tell the browser to reset this on page load? Or is it possible to lock the zoom at 100%? Disadvantages?

I don't own any compact devices like a cell phone or tablet etc. How do sites display on those tiny little screens? In there a utility that can simulate the appearance using my desktop PC?


Ignore the goofy colors, I'm just testing different layouts.
AFAIK there is no way to disable users from zooming, and why would you want to? Mostly people don't zoom for fun, especially if they have impaired eye sight. You are basically reducing accessibility of your website.

As for mobile devices, the default style looks like the default style, but with major usability issues (like scroll bars etc). You should rather get a responsive style, or a mobile detector and mobile style.
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