XF 1.2 Disable RSS, Forum Blocks, other questions


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Hi i just bought and tried XF few mins ago.
  1. How to disable RSS on home page? I've tried to go to options > performance, and i disabled both Enable News Feed & Cache User feed.
  2. How to modify forum blocks (right area on home page), and add such as "last created threads" in some sub forum?
  3. What resource provide reputation system which resembles vbulletin's default reputation system.
  4. What is the proper way to add additional css to the page?
  5. What is the proper way to ads to the page? Right now i go to edit template > ad header, and add all ads code there. Update : resolved, i use all steps here
I still have tons of questions but i think i will create other threads later :D
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2 - BD Widget Framework Addon
3 - There's no available addon for that
5 - Still I'm using BD Widget Framework for Ads