Disable option "B" if option "A" is set to a certain value


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I wonder if it would be possible to disable (fade out) a subsequent option in an option group if another option is set to a specific value. For example

If I check the option "I don't eat fish" I would like another option (with it's own option ID) that asks me what kind of fish I like to be greyed out. I'm not good in explaining, I know but I hope my question is understandable. Thanks!
I'm not aware of a default functionality like that (which does not necessarily mean there is none!), so I'd spontaneously come up with the idea of using a named template as option type and therein include a jquery-script that does what you want.
Have a look at Admin CP > Options > User Options

When "Enable Trophies" is disabled, it disables the radio button to prevent use of trophy points as the basis for the user title ladder.

This isn't exactly what you want, but there may be some code there that could be useful.
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