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There's a default setting that means XF will only send out one or two notifications, then if you don't visit the board you don't get any more.

I've always found this the opposite of useful. If someone is too busy to visit, then that's exactly when they most need to stay in touch by getting their notifications. If they want to cut the number they are getting they should be able to visit to do that, and that might reconnect them.
If notifications fall away, then a busy person is much more likely to forget all about the forum. Ive done it myself with lots of forums when I stop getting notifications. I do tend to visit when I go on getting a series of them and I feel I'm still part of it. People forgetting all about our forums is the last thing we want.

I appreciate some other admins may not see it this way for whatever reason, but that's their business. I think this block on notifications should be at admin discretion so both needs can be happy.

So how do I disable the current setting? I assume there's a bit of php somewhere that sets the number of notifications sent before the notification is disabled. So if that was commented out, or set to zero, that would get what I want, and notifications would go on sending.
Nothing is being sorted, and the default behaviour is unlikely to change.

It is a shame when communities don't work out as planned, though often it is down to other factors.

Yes there can be other factors. But I can attest that in not one but THREE communities I ran, this factor was the agent of destruction.

I can't count how many times I contacted someone on reachout to tell them they were missing out on discussions relevant to there work - and they would say oh well I stopped getting any emails so I thought nothing was happening.

As long as I kept up what was in effect a reachout email list, suitably tailored to several different work teams - not just one generic board email and not an auto software thing - I could keep people informed. They'd respond, and things would go well for 2-3 weeks then fade off again.

Bloody ridiculous. I wasted a LOT of time and care on what is a defective forum software if you're running a small forum, especially for a work project.
This modification will allow sending email (to whom subscribed the thread and selected to recieve email notifications) every single time a reply is made on that thread?
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