Disable Notices animation when there is only one notice?


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[ 1.1 Beta 4]

If I have multiple notices then the animation between them is a nice way of getting the visitors attention. However, if there is only one notice the animation still occurs resulting in a 'blinking' like effect. If there is only one notice then there should be no animation at all and should be just a static display.

Anyway of accomplishing this? :oops:


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There should be no animation with only 1 notice.

I'm not seeing that effect on my site.
Which browser are you using?


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Oh...could be that, too; I just figured that it was one due to Kevin's explanation of the issue. Maybe that is the issue. :p


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I believe it's probably down to some bad HTML:
<strong><i>Happy Halloween<i></strong>
Note the second <i> is another open tag.

Mike, that does indeed seem to be it! Sorry for the false alarm guys. As I get older in life I really must remember not to do some things late in the evening as I'm getting tired.