MG 1.1 Disable media/album member view tab


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How do I disable the media/album member view(profile) tab? I can't seem to find it under options neither style properties.


Chris D

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There's no official way to disable them but you could disable the template modifications that inject them into the member_view template.


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Ahh ok, thanks.. I'm trying to figure out a bug, but I'm not sure what's causing it.. if it was a add-on or xenforo itself. I disabled all add-ons that adds tabs to the profile page but when I enable one by one it happens on different add-ons.

When tab #6 is added, it mix matches the information that is pulled under each tab from tab #6 and on. You can view it here with just Xenforo tabs and xen media gallery tabs is on: https://*.org/comunidade/members/gldtn.1/

Let me know when you see it so I can turn the other add-ons back on please!
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