Lack of interest Disable / Enable tagging for specific threads

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Assuming tagging is turned on globally - can I please suggest a moderator tool to disable/enable tagging for an individual thread.

If tagging for a specific thread is enabled - Thread Tools > Disable tagging
If tagging for a specific thread is disabled - Thread Tools > Enable tagging

Shaun :D
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I can see this being handy. But I can also see the whining from those who will question why tagging works for some threads and not others.


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We have a few contentious threads where people are choosing, well, not inappropriate tags, but they aren't useful or positive - and it would be great if we could disable tagging for those threads (and, yes, we could moderate the individuals tagging [after we've queried the database to find them] but these are members that are otherwise valuable and I wouldn't want to sanction them for the sake of a tag).