XF 1.5 Disable tagging feature or notifications for tagging

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Hi there,
ideally I would like to disable the tagging feature on a forum completely. Is that somehow possible?
And in case it is not possible, can I turn off all alerts about people being tagged for all existing and newly registered users?
Hope you can advice me there.
Thank you very much

Edit: I am talking about the feature where one user can tag another user with @Username.
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thank you for that answer. So, I installed that little addon, and not the popup menu with the usernames doesn't come up anymore. But the tagging function is basically still working, if someone just writes the username by themselves. It still gets converted into a link to a user profile and a notification is sent.
Did I do something wrong there with the install?

And how would I be able to disable notifications about being tagged by default for every new account on registration?
And how to turn off notifications for being tagged for existing users?


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You will need to post any questions related to that add-on in the associated resource thread.
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