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Apologies, I am brand new to everything. Trying to learn but a bit embarrassed at what I don't know. It seems that most people who make websites have basic knowledge, but I'm just getting to be familiar with the basics.

I use filezilla, and I installed xenforo under this pathway /upload/library/XenForo

Now I am trying to use [bd] API add on to try and integrate wordpress. So over my head at the moment, but this has been a fascinating process, imo.

I tried to upload the unzipped xml file to xenforo add ons and got error messages. Support responded with this comment

"If your XenForo site run at http://domain.com/community, you must be able to access http://domain.com/community/api/index.php to confirm the files are uploaded correctly."

Should I have created a community directory under the root folder? If someone can break this down, I'd really appreciate it.


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Should I have created a community directory under the root folder?
What do you want the main URL for your forum to be?

If you want it to be just mysite.com you would upload the XF files contained in the zip archive upload folder to the public html directory on the server.

If you want it to be mysite.com/community, create a community directory on the server and upload the XF files to there.


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Community is fine. I don't have a public html folder for some reason. Thanks for the response


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I created a community directory for xenforo, but now I get this error message when I try to go to the control panel. Not sure what needs changing now.

: require(/home1/thegodf0/public_html/upload/library/XenForo/Autoloader.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home1/thegodf0/public_html/upload/admin.php on line 6


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I know this is complicated, and I'm willing to pay reasonably for a service that will install btw. If I do this from xenforo, can I watch them work on my screen?

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It looks like you uploaded the folder called upload.

Instead you should upload just the contents from inside that folder not the actual folder itself