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Cannot reproduce Direct link to posts not always going to the post


Well-known member
This happens on Firefox 32.0 (Windows 7). Haven't tested on Chrome.

For example when you get the alert "someone quoted your post..." and you click on the link to see your post, sometimes you're directed exactly to your post but some other times you're being directed to another completely different post on the same page...


XenForo developer
Staff member
I suspect it is related, though I can't really reproduce it. I should note that jumping to an anchor is a browser function -- we don't have any control over where the browser first jumps on the page. We do have a workaround to try to handle the situation where the page changes, but that can only fire "onload" (after everything loads) and if you don't scroll.

If the page half loads and the browser decides to jump you down the page because it sees the element in question but puts it at the bottom of the screen (because there's no space below it at the time), that's not something we can really control. I feel like I had that happen once and it our workaround did fire after the page finished loading. (There are also similar things where the page shifts around due to image loads.)