Digital Services Act (DSA)



As of 25th August, several big networks have begun implementing a new set of regulations to follow new Digital Services Act (DSA) Internet Regulations for Europe.

For all other websites and services, these regulations will take effect starting 17th February 2024.
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I believe it would be beneficial for the XenForo platform to prepare and adapt to these changes ahead of this date.

Key mandatory regulations include:
  1. Implementing broad transparency measures, with a special focus on content recommendation algorithms tailored for users.
  2. Banning targeted advertising directed at minors.
  3. Ensuring a prompt response to any illegal content reported by users.
  4. Incorporating mitigation strategies to curb the proliferation of fake news.
  5. Whenever content is removed, platforms must provide users with a clear explanation. Furthermore, users should have the right to challenge such decisions, even if they are based on the platform's general terms and conditions.
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Good news for most forum owners (at the moment), this is not going to affect platforms employing fewer than 50 persons and whose annual turnover and/or annual balance sheet total does not exceed EUR 10 million.
That was pretty obvious by reading the actual source page.
Complicated, hard to follow rules and deep pockets... that should tell you ultimately what the intent of the "law" is.
Many admins wouldn’t want that though. Those that do want an appeals process can just offer it in the ban reason.

Just because there are regulations doesn’t mean the software has to force it. If I ban a spammer there is no way I’m going to allow an appeal and I would not use software that forces me to.

I would however always allow and listen to appeals from legit users who get banned

And that's exactly how we've been doing it for many years.

In fact, we've been ahead of the EU for many years. Everything they want now is normal for us.
Especially this targeted advertising has never existed in our board and never will. Of course we have advertising partners. Just a banner and a simple link to their site. No scripts or targeted links.

So this does not affect us in any way.
And Xenforo is not responsible for that. But every admin and his moderators.
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