Digital Point [thread] & [post] BBCode

Digital Point [thread] & [post] BBCode 1.2.0

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Very forward thinking modification. I had an idea which may improve this, I dont know what you think but here goes...
If you could intercept post content at the time it is posted and to scan it for links to threads and posts then could the modification not convert those into the bbcode versions before the database is updated?

Its fine having this mod for staff to use and I assume you've done so so that links to important resources will function over time when URL structure changes.... brilliant.... however with this change mentioned it could also work for all other threads regardless of who posts links.

It may not be practical or easy to implement, you decide but it would certainly be a great addition.

Nice mod regardless!


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That is something I already wanted to do... I've just been too busy to dig into it and see if there is a realistic way to do it. But if it's possible, you should see it in a future version.


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without any text the topic title with page or post number / author should be fetched :) with upcoming post caching there are no speed issues.

Digital Doctor

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Obviously the hard part is knowing the thread ID ! Hard to remember.

I'd like to be able to use [thread=threadbbcode]check this out[/thread]
And it would translate into 26825.

You'd have to allow people to store their own shortcuts.


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digitalpoint, can you make the Resource Manager support to link to a specific resource?

Tiki Tiki

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Does anyone know if this still works with the latest version of XenForo? I've got a ton of old IP.Board posts with [THREAD] and [POST] tags and I could use a solution.


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Thank you for the addon. :)
When i use it i got a href=forum/threads/id
and not /threads/


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Thank you.
Yes, i have watched the code and have seen that there is no fetch for more data.
I have added an rel="nofollow" and more code for res, user and other _ids we use in the board.
Thank you again.