Thread & Post BB Code for XF2

Thread & Post BB Code for XF2 2.3.0

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Xon submitted a new resource:

Thread & Post BB Code for XF2 - Bbcodes to generate Friendly URLs to threads or posts from the ID.

Bbcodes to generate Friendly URLs to theads or posts from the ID respecting permissions to view details about the target.

The primary use in XF1.x was to generate stable URL's for linking in the face of moderation. This add-on is to allow migration of existing bbcode usage to XF2.x

Contributing features or bug fixes
Please create a Github Pull request via the "Find more info at" link.


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Xon updated Thread & Post BB Code for XF2 with a new update entry:

2.1.0 - Feature update

  • Essentially rewrite link generation
    • From @Sim's [thread] and [post] BBCode add-on, copy the behaviour for email based rendering.
    • Use full links, not relative links.
    • When linking to a viewable post, use a thread-page-#post structure to allow previewing which page the link is one.
    • Use correct css for attributes.
  • Note; this add-on only supports pulling a...

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I dont know what is build in in xf2 and i have seen the syntax for this add-on.
What the world really needs or least my father's son is


or much better

/tt 1234 (or something equal

to write it fast. I will add an regex now to my board for that, but i guess this shortcut should be here in this addon.


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It is unlikely that a short bb-code for this will be added as it presents too high a risk of clashing with the types of formatted text my sites tend to have.

It is very easy to just create a [t] bb-code and copy the [thread] bb-code details.