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Ozzy47 submitted a new resource:

[OzzModz] Post Number BBCode - Link to post in thread

Simple addon that allows you to use a bbcode to quickly link to posts in the current thread. Simple use [post]25[/post] or [post=25] see post #25[/post] bbcode and the number or text will link to that post in the thread. Thanks to @Painbaker for the work.

[post]25[/post] Example:
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[post=25] see post #25[/post] Example:

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nice one, thank you for this...one bit simpler to link posts now :)

it would be good if you can make fields editable however....icon and exact name for example
You can change anything you like by editing the bbcode in the ACP, I think it would still work.
one more minor observation.....ive noticed the option method DOES work.....however, it presents as a sort of "hidden feature" it would be good, if possible, to add an example for the FAQ so ppl know about both ways....

regarding the edit tho, i believe there is a sort of trick to it on the dev end to allow it....i know at first xon had the same issue with his bbcode addon but hes found a way around it, which, i dont recall offhand.
Ok, that I can do. For changing the text tag, you’ll have to enable devopment mode. But wait till the update to the addon.
❤️ There we go! I'm happy about my role in getting this public. I'd pushed for a while to get this to happen and eventually had gotten Makaze to make the original version of this. Lots of negative responses from people, including a lot of "It's not possible to access the post position as a variable." Now it's available for everyone, which is wonderful. Thanks for making this happen, @Ozzy47, @Painbaker!
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