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Digital Ocean optimal droplet size for XF


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Could you advise me on what the minimum size of a droplet, forum on XenForo will work normally? I have open-source non-profit project so I would like to economize. 10$ droplet will fine for XenForo? Or minimum RAM is 2GB?

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The $5 a month one will run a XenForo site :)
Yup. Especially with an opcache enabled. I Benched from the 5 to 80 dollar a month plans. LoadImpact showed an NGINX/PHP5.6 setup out of the box could handle 50-75 "virtual users" with a couple hundred concurrent connections. But with MySQL tuned out to use 1/4 the memory it normally would and zend opcache installed I was getting through 250 vu/1000 concurrent connection tests without the server flinching too much.

Out of the box you can easily run out of ram. Once tuned this becomes a non issue for me. The cpu load however sucks and the opcache can help with that. Wont fit all situations equally. But its also the difference between $5 a month and $20 for the same load.

Here was my analysis of memory issues with MySQL 5.6 - http://www.rainmotorsports.com/blog/29/configuring-mysql-5-6-for-low-memory-usage/


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Once you get past memory being the bottleneck (aka MySQL + php workers), vCPUs for php workers will become the biggest limitation. Especially as CPU doesn't linearly scale on Digital Ocean plans.