XF 2.0 Different layout and text in a specific node


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There is a "Override user style choice" in every forum. I guess that could be used to have a special look in a specific forum. If I had a classifieds forum and wanted it to have a diffrent backgrund color in a separate style and force it on the forum.
On XF1.5 I always thought it was overkill to have an own style for a few changes and i usually solved it with a conditional instead.

Is one better than the other if you look to performance?

If I wanted a few phrases to be changed in that classifieds forum, how would I solve that best. Example "Post classified" instead of "Post thread".

Is using a conditional and change the phrase the smartest or are there an other way?

(In XF1.5 I used a language I made and called it Classifieds, with the phrases I needed, I then used an addon to hide that language so user couldn't choose it. I think it was an other addon that made me force that language on that specific forum node.)