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nope. never heard of it. Will check now though...

if i cant find one, I will most likely have a developer make one and have him update it as new wordpress and xenforo updates come out.

what would be cool would be an xenforo sign on, register, forogt password widget for wordpress too. (idk if they have it)


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Why would you want your users signed up to wordpress, rather than xenforo for anyways?
Is there really a difference?
I assume there is if you want to run a few membership plugins from wordpress, maybe a gallery, and other things.
But what type of plugins are you using?
I've built custom post types that users can submit. I need to track their post counts for each custom post type which I can do through PHP. But the users need to exist in wordpress for wordpress to store that data.


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I see...
I want the same thing as you too... trust me lol
Just dont think there is a bridge right now for our needs


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thats a great site dakis, unfortunately they do not have what I need lol... I actually put xenforo in the search bar and it showed 0 results :p