Dice Roller

Dice Roller [Paid] 2.2.2

No permission to buy ($30.00)


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@Delazar dice are added when you edit the post after creating it. I'm aware this isn't exactly the best solution but haven't had time to improve it

Ambient Vibe

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Is there a possibility to add modifiers to the script? I've loved this script ever since its creation and it works beautifully on our site, the only drawback is the lack of modifiers which make the players and the game masters having to type them in manually, to obtain the correct d6 roll.


Any progress update?
If it helps, I will buy it just to "vote with my wallet" as I would love a good dice rolling extension for XF.


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That isn't supported. I've been considering improvements but haven't had a chance.
do you have plans to do this? i would love to have this one but having the users go back to edit the post may not be welcome.