Not planned Diagnostics: identify slow loading addons


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We can already activate debug mode, review the queries and compare what happens when you turn an addon on or off. But asides from this its not easy to find problematic addons. Especially when you run a lot of addons (which many people do) and when your traffic fluctuates from minute to minute.

If php files are included in a page then its very hard to identify if one of those files is causing issues. For example: my forum index is loading 118 php files.
It would be very beneficial if XenForo would automatically identify addons, files, queries which are loading slow and bring this under the attention of the admin.


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There's really no way to detect specific whether an add-on is slow and if so, what add-on. Detection could only be done at the page level and like most diagnostics, the act of recording the necessary data can cause significant performance overhead itself (particularly if there are a lot of queries).


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Yes, but that can be done incidentally instead of continuously. So if XF would check all different page types only once a month or even only when the admin clicks a link in admin panel/diagnostics.
This way there would be no significant overhead. At least this would result in a list of slow loading files, queries and pages.