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I'm looking for an addon that helps prevent scams (ultimate goal).

Users accounts on sites that are 20+ years are being compromised, as password reuse etc happens. So this is to help recognize possibilities of an account compromised.

I'd like to have an addon created that will detect if the timezone is different it emails the user to verify that that's them. Also can it look at the IP addresses previously from the account, and if they are not related etc, it asks for verification via email.

This is for existing accounts. Say you've logged in 100 times from 1 IP within the California, but then 1 login comes from Africa. Immediately a notification is sent confirming or at least notifying the user. If the email is bounced, the account should go into moderation with the reason why.

I believe this could also be done via time zones detection but less reliable.

Thank you.
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Here is something that I've noticed the scammers are doing is changing all the options. Feel like it's a cat and mouse game with them.


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