Demo Issues


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Just tried creating yet another demo to play with and the demo is taking a very long time to load. Ive been on the "loading demo" screen for a good 5 minutes and have only gotten to 3%

at 7 mins (been checking) at 6 % now
at 8 min mark ... 10%
at 10 min mark... 13%
at 10 min mark... 17%
at 11 min mark... 20%

....Usually it's right away!


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The demo system has had some changes in the last few days.

I will make Mike aware.


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only at 44% now, taking a heck of a lot of time. Ill just wait it out. But I just wanted to make sure you guys were aware. I got nothing but time, so I am good :ROFLMAO:


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That's definitely way over the normal time. It seemed to take a couple minutes for me there but it's something I'll look into. Thanks.


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If you'd like I can try to get another demo.. ?
I thought there was something wrong at first, so i refreshed it and it was the same thing. So I just waited for it to finish and just wanted to let you guys know.
My computer is very fast too. So I knew it wasn't me.
Btw, I was using Mozilla Firefox.

Mike, I also wanted to say what a wonderful job you and the rest of your co-workers have done with Xenforo! This forum is honestly "beautiful". Nothing compares to it.