Demand a Plan

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Probably the dumbest video I have watched in a while.

OK OK I'll bite... I demand letting CCW carry on school premises. I demand more money going to schools to help council children and young adults who are battling addictions, depression, and other psychological conditions and workshops for teachers to quickly recognize when a child is suffering from any of them. I demand higher pay so that families can go back to having a parent stay at home with the kids and not have a TV baby sit them.

I demand God come back into this country. It seems everyone blames God for "not being there" or "allowing this to happen" when it's the same people yelling for him to leave (hypocrites). I demand parents to spend at least one hour a day having fun with their kids.

I demand stupid people stop breeding. People who cannot love their child(ren) with everything they have should not be allowed to have any. I demand a voice, a real voice to be heard, that I do not like the corrupt politicians and the payoffs they receive. I demand that public held positions make minimum wage and, when times are tough, are the first jobs to have their pay held/frozen.

I demand my rights not to be trampled on and perverted by people who have no idea what they mean and how, when gone, will shout they have no rights.
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I don't believe "gun control" is the solution for this.

Look at prohibition. When prohibition, it didn't reduce crime, it actually increased crime; those who wanted alcohol, who previously weren't criminals had to become criminals to get it. In fact, the amount of alcohol on the market increased during prohibition because it became so profitable for the criminals.

Now look at guns. If guns suddenly became illegal, would it reduce the amount crime? Of course not; what it would do is make it so that ONLY CRIMINALS have guns. A criminal doesn't care that you made a law making guns illegal.
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