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I have a home rendered movie I need to embed onto a website.

It has been output in the right file size and I am just considering, what would be the best way to load it into a page.

Youtube / vimeo are not an option... needs to be kept local

thoughts please?


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Forgot to mention they have both flash and html5 versions now, so it should work regardless of the platform.


No.. I've been trying to get a way to embed a local flv/swf file for a while with no success. I've tried all the free solutions but have failed to find one that actually works.

I've been toying with jwplayer, but there aren't many fans of the jwplayer here. Mostly because it supports ads, which is odd, cause so does youtube.

You can try,
XenMedio PREMIUM: Required Expansion

I'm not willing to fork out that kind of money though just to embed an flv file here and there.