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XF 1.4 Deleting Several Users Permanently


I am interested in deleting about 200 users permanently, in such a way that as if they never existed or registered on the forum. How can I do that? also I want their user IDs to free up. Like for example if the user registered with an account his profile looks like this:


so he takes up that number which is 115. I want so that the new users that register can occupy that number again, how can I do that?

Mainly because at one point I had to manually ban spam bots until I realized I have to ban their IPs, but I also want to remove them entirely. and have new members that register take that number spot, i dont want that to be blank for some reason.


XenForo moderator
Staff member
The only way to delete members is from the ACP.

That won't remove any content however - you would need to remove that first before deleting them.

Nor will it make the ID available for re-use - that's not possible.