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I've just imported another vbulletin into xenforo, but I'm left scratching my head at a couple of issues to relating to usergroups.

1. I now have the usergroup "Imported Users" and was simply going to delete it, presuming that they would default to "Registered". However, after reading a comment on another thread, this may be dependent on whether "Registered" is their primary usergroup, or not - but I'm struggling to find anyone who has been assigned to this usergroup, primary or secondary, but I figure I need to make sure. :)

2. I now have two user groups for banned members - "Banned" and "Banned Members" - from two consecutive vbulletin imports into a single XF install (one big vbulletin forum converted to xf, and a smaller vb3 them merged into it.

Is there a safe way to mass move banned members from the important banned usergroup, to xf's existing banned usergroup?

EDIT: I also have 2 x Super Moderators usergroups, and am not sure which one - if any - xf is using! Any pointers on how I can identify that would also be welcome!

Cheers for any reply. :)
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1. If a user's primary group is deleted, they will be given the registered group as their primary group.

2. There's no banned group by default, but you can use the batch user update tool to move people. Similarly, there's no explicit super moderators group by default, though there is a "moderating" group.
Cheers - I thought it was the case, but just wanted to double-check rather than risk messing up usergroups and permissions. :)

Hadn't used the Batch update tool before - seems easy enough. :)
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