MG 1.1 Deleting a user's albums

Chris D

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You could go to the user's albums page, such as this one:

That will list all of a user's albums. You would have to delete them using inline moderation.

If the albums are deleted the album thumbnails will no longer be visible. The album thumbnails, by default, are created automatically by cycling through a random selection of images inside the album when you hover over it. It is possible on a per album basis to change the thumbnail, and upload your own. If they have done this you would have to go to each album, and click "Change Album Thumbnail".
OK, perhaps I need a tutorial on the whole system. I'm showing 6,304 pages of users. How can I put in a user's name to go straight to them?

Chris D

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There are numerous links around the entire system which will get you to all of a user's content.

Maybe the easiest way; if you find one of the person's albums, you will see this in the sidebar:


As highlighted above the album count is actually a link that will take you to all albums.

There is also similar links on the member card, member profile etc.
This is very cludgy. I would like to be able to go straight to a user's galleries and not muck about like this. That's just horrible.

Chris D

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As I said, there's various places to get to it. Presumably you don't find it too "cludgy" to find a member's profile or access their member card?



Doesn't seem all that horrible to me. Anyway, hope that helps.