As designed Deleted Content remains in Active Reports


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Steps to reproduce:

Create a thread
Report the first post
delete the thread

expected bahaviour: IMO the report should be deleted too (or there should be at least a indicator that the content was deleted)

current behavior:
it's still in the list of active reports
there's still the "Go to content" button, which links to a "404 - the requested xxx could not be found." page


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Hmm surely that's the expected behaviour?

If someone posted something dodgy there should be a record of it in the report. You could make the same argument for editing the content.

It should be the content that was reported that is included, not the content after it's been edited/deleted.


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Hmm surely that's the expected behaviour?
for me => yes:p
for others probably not, that's also why i wrote
or there should be at least a indicator that the content was deleted)
ATM a mod just gets a endless reported items list, where he needs to open the report and click on "go to content" to see, that it was already deleted

even it's a bug that the content link is shown:p this should then probably be moved to suggestions then..:/


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I agree that the report centre is a bit rubbish in places but I'd still expect the reported content to be the content that's included in the report, not a subsequently edited/deleted version of it.


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This is the expected behavior.
IMO, if the expected behavior is for the report to stay, then there should be an indication on the report that the content no longer exists. It is really annoying to go through a bunch of reports where the content has already been deleted by another moderator, and it is even more annoying that there is a "Go to Content" button that just goes to the 404 message. Also, I think there should be an option to mark related reports as resolved when deleting content from the front-end.

Chris D

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As this is a closed report, any suggestions you might have may get overlooked so it may be worth posting that idea in the suggestion forum if a thread for that suggestion doesn't already exist.