Browser issue  'Delete Thread' Button


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I just tried styling buttons and it seems to me as if the 'Delete Thread' (when being on a thread page, clicking on 'Thread Tools' and then on 'Edit Thread') isn't styled as all the other ones are. You can even see this without a custom button styling: The active effect is slightly different.

Maybe it's on purpose or just on my copy of the default theme though. Can anybody check that please?



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Yeah, it looks fine like that. However, when clicking on them, I get these different effects as active states - I didn't see the one from 'Delete Thread' anywhere else:

Bildschirmfoto 2011-02-19 um 22.12.42.png Bildschirmfoto 2011-02-19 um 22.13.17.png

Plus, when applying custom styles, it neither applies my active nor my text color style.


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This is a browser issue - the "delete thread" button is actually an <a>, while the cancel button is indeed a button. It looks FF (at least) only gives the active effect on a link in certain circumstances. For example, click and hold the delete link (you'll see hover) but now drag away and you'll see active. With the actual button, you'll see active as soon as it's clicked.


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It would appear that this is simply the result of the Delete Thread... button being an <a /> and the other two buttons being <input /> tags. The <a /> tag does not switch to its :active state on click, as the <input /> tags do, but if you force the <a /> tag into its :active state, it reflects the same styling as the <input /> tags. Therefore, all we can do is blame browser implementation.

Screen shot 2011-02-21 at 15.39.26.png