XF 1.3 Delete Social Network Authentication to use native XF logins


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I have Social Network Authentication (Twitter, Google, VK.com) add-on and I want to delete it to use XF 1.3 native integration and I have some questions.

In the add-on I have this:
- Twitter Consumer Key
- Twitter Consumer Secret
- Google Client ID
- Google Client Secret

In the XF Twitter integration I see that those 2 Twitter keys were used automatically ?
But I also need to enter “Twitter Application Consumer Key” and “Twitter Application Consumer Secret” ?

I am not able to find those 2 in the Twitter App. Where can I find them ?
Also, the Twitter App has read only permissions. That stays the same ?

Now, for google integration I see that I need exactly the same, so I assume its just a paste there and done.

Can someone please advice in how to do this ?
Activate and then delete the add-on ?
Delete add-on and then activate XF native ones ?
What to add in the 2 keys I don’t have for Twitter ?