RM 2.1 Delete resource but keep the discussion

Mr Lucky

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I want to delete a resources but keep the discussion threads.

If I delete the resource, it automatically also deletes the thread. This sort of makes sense as the fist post becomes a link to a deleted resource. However what I want to do is to edit that first post to no longer be a link to the resource.

What I found is that after deleting the resource, I can undelete its thread to achieve what I want, but I can't help thinking there must be a way to do this in one action. Can I do that or is my workaround the only way?

Mr Lucky

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OK so has this changed in xf2? I may be wrong but I vaguley remember you could delete a resource and the thread would stay, but with an automatically generated post saying xxxx resource has been deleted.


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I don't know why I said that - probably still half asleep.

It's in the resource options in the ACP.