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Fixed Delete category don't delete deleted resource or moderated resource


Formerly Nobita.Kun
As title. When try to delete an category all resources which has `deleted` or `moderated` still exists.
Because in ControllerAdmin_Category line 211:
$resources = $this->_getResourceModel()->getResources(array('resource_category_id' => $id), array('limit' => 100));
And in Model_Resource line 259 to 267:
if (isset($conditions['deleted']) || isset($conditions['moderated']))
            $sqlConditions[] = $this->prepareStateLimitFromConditions($conditions, 'resource', 'resource_state');
            // sanity check: only get visible resources unless we've explicitly said to get something else
            $sqlConditions[] = "resource.resource_state = 'visible'";
Its always include `resource_state` = 'visible` if you don't include special conditions. So....