XF 1.1 Delete all posts by Guests & Delete all posts by "This" user!



I have a lot of spam on a forum that I'm working on.
I have that type of spam that just looks like a general post. I'm banning those users but now I also want to delete ALL their posts since they don't add any value to the forum.

How can I mass delete ALL posts made by a user? PERMANENT delete not soft.

Also, I used some plugin to delete mass users and now I have posts that are made by Guests. How do I delete ALL posts made by guests?

This is hugely important to me.

Thank You


This is why I want posts to be PERMANENTLY deleted.

There is no FAST way for me to delete ALL posts by a user. If I delete him the posts will switch to Guest posts.

Tracy Perry

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Sure I did. But I need a more common way to do this whitout having to run queries.
Also on that forum I see a lot of SOFT delete. Soft delete does not help me at all. See the above screenshot. I want HARD delete.
According to a post by Jake (http://xenforo.com/community/threads/hit-by-spammers-how-do-i-permanently-delete-all-posts-by-a-user.35509/#post-408113), by SQL is not really feasible.

Did you check out http://xenforo.com/community/resources/sonnb-messages-mass-actions.824/?