MG 1.1 Delete all media by one user in one go?


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Hi all,
Just wondering, say for example I have a user who has media in a category as well as albums and wants to leave the site, is there a way to delete all media in one swoop by this user?

Currently I have to go their profile, albums > delete albums, media > delete media - if in categories.
This can get very time consuming when some members could have 10+ albums and over 100 photos in the categories.
Is there a simple way to delete all in one swoop?

Granted I could probably do it in the database, but was wondering more from the ACP within XFMG.
Many thanks :)
You can go to the user's media page e.g. and then use inline moderation.

To make this less clicking across less pages you can temporarily increase the number of media items displayed per page.

As it's inline moderation your selected media is remembered across pages.
Ahhh yes of course.. Sometimes it just stares you in the face. :X3:
Thank you Chris. :)
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