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XF 1.4 Delayed alerts?


Formerly Super120

I might be wrong but since 1.4.8 (IIRC) let's say I logout at 14:00 and leave my alerts counter (on the top right) clean. Then I login again at 18:00, my alerts are still clean however after browsing my forum for a few seconds then the alerts (with times between 14:00 and 18:00) arise and suddenly get displayed in mass.

Is this normal?



Well-known member
No, they should be displayed immediately when you log in, unless they're trophy alerts. Even if the cron task has already run, they'll be delayed a little bit upon logging in or coming back to the forum.


Formerly Super120
Yep trophy alerts have been always delayed a few seconds after you login however other alerts were visible as soon as you login. I might be wrong but I believe that this problem (delayed alerts) started to happen after I upgraded to 1.4.8 but I'm not sure...


Formerly Super120
Not yet but I am asking with the hope of finding people with the same problem. If no one confirms this behavior within a few days then I will do the usual test routine (which is going to be a pita).


Formerly Super120
I'm not saying that. I'm saying that unread alerts take a few seconds after being logged in to get displayed.

I mean I login and I don't see my alerts. After I browse my forum for lets say 30 seconds then the alerts get displayed.