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Defiance Light 1.4.4

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DEZero submitted a new resource:

Defiance Light - Light Version of Defiance Style

This is the light version of my Defiance Style, You will need it to use this light version.

Defiance Style: Here

1. Upload contents of upload folder to your directory.
2. Install xml: style-Defiance-Light or style-DefianceLight-sbs as a child to Defiance Style.

Thank you for downloading :)...
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I think that tan looks aweful. What happened to the picture with the whites and grays?
I'll have to rework it on my brothers system, no matter what settings I use on my laptop colors remain white and grey. He changed his settings and now it looks right, but will throw a fix in there for those with a different color setting on their system.


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Just a quick note to everyone, I have officially moved into my new place and have internet so I will going through this style and making the appropriate adjustments for 1.3.0


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@Lexy, I am working on it bit by bit, have been very busy at work which hasn't allowed much time to update my styles, but I assure everyone who likes Defiance/Defiance Light that they will be updated to 1.3.