Defiance Light

Defiance Light 1.4.4

No permission to download
Please let me know if I have missed something, I have been up for 24 hours so it could happen.
hmm, it looks white and grey on my pc, I'll go look on my brothers pc and see whats up with it.
I think that tan looks aweful. What happened to the picture with the whites and grays?

I'll have to rework it on my brothers system, no matter what settings I use on my laptop colors remain white and grey. He changed his settings and now it looks right, but will throw a fix in there for those with a different color setting on their system.
It will work, but will have some outdated templates, I haven't had time to update this yet been very busy
Just a quick note to everyone, I have officially moved into my new place and have internet so I will going through this style and making the appropriate adjustments for 1.3.0
@Lexy, I am working on it bit by bit, have been very busy at work which hasn't allowed much time to update my styles, but I assure everyone who likes Defiance/Defiance Light that they will be updated to 1.3.
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