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Style Default XenForo Style


Well-known member
Just go to your control panel -> Appearance -> Styles -> Create a Style

It will re-create the default style for you.
Thanks. I had installed Facebook popup [paid] by Mr. Goodie2Shoes. I don't see that add-on anymore. I just did a little bit of an additional coding to make that appear as a block in xenporta. If you can get the add-on from the coder, I can share the block with you :) Thanks once again.
Sorry to bother again but can you please share the style xml with me, there is some problem when I'm trying to create it here as I had replaced the default xenForo's style :( thanks a ton...
Sorry Russ but when I do that i don't get the original colors and gradients maybe because I have replaced the original one. It would be really of great help if you could attached the style xml if possible, thanks.