Style Default XenForo Style

Just go to your control panel -> Appearance -> Styles -> Create a Style

It will re-create the default style for you.
Thanks a ton, lemme try that. I copied your tagline, i just loved it :) - "Your questions don't only help you - they help others who learn from the answers as well."
I like the look of your site. How do you do that popup when I arrive that tells me what the site is about?
Thanks. I had installed Facebook popup [paid] by Mr. Goodie2Shoes. I don't see that add-on anymore. I just did a little bit of an additional coding to make that appear as a block in xenporta. If you can get the add-on from the coder, I can share the block with you :) Thanks once again.
Sorry to bother again but can you please share the style xml with me, there is some problem when I'm trying to create it here as I had replaced the default xenForo's style :( thanks a ton...
Sorry Russ but when I do that i don't get the original colors and gradients maybe because I have replaced the original one. It would be really of great help if you could attached the style xml if possible, thanks.
Why should someone send it to you? Don't you have the original installation files any longer?
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