Lack of interest Dedicated page for Category


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AdminCP > Home > Options > Node & Forum List
"Create Pages for Categories"

This makes the otherwise useless link on the title on a Category bar "will take you to a dedicated page that only shows the children of that category."

As confirmation of what has happened the new dedicated page needs:

1. The Category bar to appear exactly as it does on the forum index page = title, explanatory text, plus individual icon, colours, link to top if edited that way.
Currently it shows an empty stub category bar only.
It would be desirable for title link to be disabled. That is it is not a link at all - not showing as a link that just refreshes the page but the title (on this page only) is not a link if you touch it.

2. Breadcrumbs to show Forums > Category X title.
Currently it showso nly Forums - not helpful!

Yes I know they've just clicked Category X but a new visitor on a new site is often not that logical.
It's also VERY easy to forget what it was called within secs of clicking it. After all WE know those titles - they do not. Iknow myself it takes me a bit to remember the main sections of a new site or one I return to after a gap.

We want them to get familiar and comfy with our main Category titles asap at least those that interest them. So the titles need to show up as much as poss. as above.