Decrease in Google indexed pages

Joe Blow

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My forum always used to rank pretty well. However, things have changed in the last few months and I'm trying to figure out if it's just me if if it is more widespread.

I've experienced a dramatic decrease in the amount of pages indexed by Google (as shown in Google Search Console) and I'm wondering if other Xenforo forum owners have been experiencing similar declines?

There was a mid-December algorithm update that seemed to hit my forum fairly hard. I migrated from vBulletin 4 to XF in December 2016 and did all the 301 redirects correctly. The forum hasn't changed that much, so the decline seems a bit inexplicable. Google is a bit inexplicable itself so I understand I may just be a victim of an algorithm tweak.

I'd be interested in the experiences of other Xenforo forum owners, as well as any advice about what may be causing this.


Joe Blow

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Sounds like that sitemap bug
I thought that was fixed. I uploaded the patched file and Google search console seemed to then accept the sitemap. However, I must admit that the problems first started when the sitemap problem first happened (in August?) and it hasn't gotten any better since then in spite of the patch.


I can confirm this too. I only upgraded my production site within the past week, and was running the same version of XF 1.5 for most of last year. In August, I began a steep decline in indexed pages and I'm at next to nothing at the moment. Sitemaps are working fine and there are no errors to speak of. This is the case for both XF sites of mine.