Debugging Autoloader,

We have created an add-on to achieve some custom functionality . It involves the implementation of a listener class that will identify hooks that have been called in order to display widgets in the UI.

The code has been tested and works correctly on our local sandboxes. Earlier pushes to our integrated testing environment (SIT) have likewise worked correctly. Today however we've encountered an issue and are having difficulty debugging or even identifying the root cause. The code that lives inside the listener.php is never called and never executed. Hence, we are unable to diagnose: No messages are being logged either in PHP log , on the screen or in the Xenforo server error logs. Please note that when we tried removing our add-on and reinstalling it and it the system tells us it is unable to find the class and method. As if the auto loader fails somehow?

Is there anything we could do to see more or more verbose error messaging?

Is there a way to clear the cache manually?

Any suggestions?

XenForo 1.2.4
Ubuntu Linux / Apache 2
PHP 5.3.4

Plug ins and add-ons:
XenForo Remove Branding

Multi Site Plugin
SEO Plugin*******-metadata-essential.2204/
Template tools for admins
User self delete
Tinhte Attach image optimization